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From time to time, we have people ask us questions about our site. To answer this question, we have made a list of questions typically asked by our site visitors and advertisers.

 Beach (beech) Noun.

An expanse of sand or pebbles along a shore.

The part of the shore of an ocean, sea, large river, lake, etc., washed by the tide or waves.

The area adjacent to the seashore: We're vacationing at the beach.


1. What is Simply Beachfront? was started by internet entrepreneur Sharleen Kneeland, who successfully launched Waterfront West ( in 2006. Today, Waterfront West has top 5 ranking on Google for numerous BC waterfront key words and first page organic search rankings for many other related terms. Ms. Kneeland has been featured on CBC News, Calgary News at 6 and in newspapers such as the Vancouver Sun, The Edmonton Journal and The Times Colonist.


At, we firmly believe that the future of the internet lies in niche markets and interactivity. That is why we have created a marketplace for waterfront accommodations that showcases beachfront properties at their best with large photos and embedded videos. We are working to develop an information-rich, interactive environment for the pursuit of beachfront travel.


Simply Beachfront is an open marketplace allowing everyone from well-known hotel chains to family run businesses to advertise their beachfront accommodations. 


2. How is Simply Beachfront different from other travel websites?


Waterfront Accommodations Only. Simply Beachfront is one of the only travel sites offering a selection of exclusively waterfront accommodations. When using our site, travelers can save time and quickly target the beachfront of their choice. 


Simply Beachfront gives accommodation providers two ways to list their beachfront. Property owners or marketers can take full advantage of our commission free promotion and marketing of waterfront properties with our Beachfront Direct plans. Expedia members can either have their properties added for free (without increasing their Expedia commissions), or they can opt to become a Beachfront Direct advertiser and get the benefits of being able to send targeted campaigns to our Beach Club members and access our specialized categories.


3. How do you define beachfront?


When we first came up with the concept of Simply Beachfront, the goal was to be able to find beachfront accommodations easily; however, we quickly realized that travelers wanted to find waterfront hotels in big cities and other areas where the typical "beach" was not available.

In addition to the seawall settings enjoyed by city based waterfront properties, our travelers are equally interested in properties that may be set on a craggy cliff or in a marina setting. Rather than exclude these types of waterfront properties from our site, we have added another layer of "beach" description. This allows travelers to quickly find the waterfront properties in large centres and places where the typical beach might not be available, while still clarifying the type of waterfront setting they will be able to enjoy.

So, be it sitting with a coffee on the seawall in Vancouver, enjoying a spectaular view from a high bank waterfront bluff or lounging with a margarita on a sandy beach it's now simple to find your waterfront getaway.


Our definition of a beach follows the description below taken from 


Beach (beech) Noun.

An expanse of sand or pebbles along a shore.

The part of the shore of an ocean, sea, large river, lake, etc., washed by the tide or waves.

The area adjacent to the seashore: We're vacationing at the beach.


What you will NOT find on


  • Hundreds of accommodation providers you have to sift through to single out the waterfront.
  • Accommodations located away from the beach with misleading names like "The Beach House."
  • Water view properties purporting to be waterfront.


4. How do people find


Content is King.

Years of experience with Waterfront West have proved that strategic and engaging content is the secret to successful organic search results. We are always working to increase the number of unique articles, properties and video content on our site which focuses specifically on beachfront travel. This information, along with the constant buzz of new information created by our member advertisers uploading properties helps to promote Simply Beachfront on search engines like Google.


Site Promotion: Share the Wealth.

Advertising Simply Beachfront on Waterfront West brings us a targeted & niche audience of visitors who are already highly interested in British Columbia waterfront. Many of these visitors hail from abroad and when they arrive in B.C. to look for property, they naturally need a place to stay.


Ads on Other Sites.

We advertise on other high quality travel web sites. In this way, our site brings your properties to international travelers through multiple venues.


5. My property is semi-waterfront, water view, high-bank, etc. 

    Does it qualify to be on Simply Beachfront?


All properties listed on Simply Beachfront must be waterfront.

Semi-waterfront (road in-between property and water) & water view properties do not qualify.*

High-bank waterfront properties are allowed but this must be stated clearly in the description field.


6. My condo is in a waterfront complex but the unit itself is not waterfront. 

    Can I list it?


If your condo/unit is located in a waterfront complex but is not waterfront, you may post it but you must:

a.) Include a picture of the complex with the beach in forefront.

b.) Make a clear note of the fact that the unit is not waterfront in the property description section of your ad.


7. What are"special categories" listed in your Standard and Premium Plans? 


We have created a number of specialized categories which are popular with travellers searching for beachfront accommodations. The is an upgraded option not available to Basic members. Standard members can opt to be included in 2 specialized categories, while Premium members can be entered to unlimited categories provided they fit the description. 


Currently, we have the following specialized categories:


  • LOVE: Wedding Venues
  • Intimate Wedding Venues  
  • Large Wedding Venues  


  • WORK: Conference Facilities
  • Intimate Conference Facilities  
  • Large Conference Facilities  


  • PLAY: Accommodaitons with special activities 
  • Spa.
  • Surf.
  • Fish.
  • Glamp.
  • Sotrm Watch.

We will be adding more categories as needed.


8. I own a home and would like to post my room or property for rent. 

    Do you accept these types of listings?


We do accept vacation rental properties; however, in order to maintain the integrity of our site, we have procedures in place for verifying that properties listed on our site are valid, real properties and that the people who upload them are the proper managers/owners who are running the rental/s as a buisiness. Due to liability issues, we do not currently accept rooms for rent unless in a registered B&B.


We ask that vacation rental business owners help us speed up the approval process by providing a copy of their local business license.*


*We may review these policies in future to offer more variety to our site visitors. If so, we will send out a notification to our Marketing Tips subscribers. Please subscribe to the right if you would like to get our updates.


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