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Looking for your next waterfront vacation?

Find your dream retreat on Simply Beachfront.

Save time and money by finding your waterfront getaway or family vacation on Simply Beachfront. No more need to sort through hundreds of non-waterfront properties to find those beachfront gems.

Whether you want to bliss out at the spa, go on a fishing expedition with the guys or surf the day away, Simply Beachfront's special search features enable you to find what you're looking for faster. We have oceanfront, lakefront and riverfront accommodations; as well as vacation rentals, B&Bs and larger hotels & resorts to choose from.

Accommodations listed on  Simply Beachfront are all waterfront, all the time, so you won't find any places called "The Beach House" that are three blocks from the beach.

Simply Beachfront provides online booking services through our partnership with the Expedia® Affiliate Network (EAN), so you can find and book your beachfront right here with the peace of mind of knowing you are working with a respected name in travel. You get the sales and low price guarantee offered by EAN and your reservation is handled completely by their team.

You can also find smaller properties not listed on Expedia® on our site, so if a vacation rental or B&B is your preference, you can check out other great places to stay too!


Beach Club Bonus:

As a member of our Beach Club, you can get in on special perks and deals offered by accommodation providers who are not available through the Expedia network, so that you can cover all of your beachfront bases.Find out more here!

We invite you to watch our short video about how it works below.






sharsm Sharleen Kneeland | Founder | Simply Beachfront.

Having been fortunate enough to spend the first few years of my life living on the water in Sidney, B.C., I developed a deep affinity for the smell of the salt air and the soft lilt of a sea breeze. As a teenager, I spent many happy summers at the lake, lying in the sun, listening to the waves lapping gently on the dock and the occasional flutter of dragonfly wings. I suppose that is why, as an adult, still saving for that ever elusive waterfront cabin, I have always preferred beach vacations above all else. 

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 "Grandpa Carl" and My Son Brennan Beachcombing in Sidney with the Dogs; Bailey and Hally.

Today, as the designated travel planner in our family, I was frustrated from spending hours on different websites trying to search for waterfront vacation rentals and hotels when I was planning our trips.

I was getting frustrated jumping around from site to site to find properties. One site for vacation rentals, another for big brand resorts, another for B&Bs. I thought: Wouldn't it be great if there was a site out there that would only show the waterfront properties and where I could search by all types of accommodations in one place?! 


I was exasperated with having to sort through hundreds of properties

and the endless jumble & confusion of navigating so many large travel sites.


I wanted a more personalized, curated list of places to stay

with all of the accommodation options in one place.


I was tired of misleading "Beach" hotel names for places that we really two blocks from the beach and I also wanted to know other details I couldn't seem to find, such as beach descriptions and swimming conditions. I wanted to be able to search properties that had beach activities such as surf equipment or boat rentals on site: Perks that only waterfront properties can offer.

I figured other people might like to search for their accommodations by sport (fishing, surfing, kayaking, etc...), by spa, or by event as well (waterfront wedding anyone?). 


Basically, I needed a go-to resource I could use every time I wanted to book a beach trip.

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Lightbulb Moment: What if you could search for accommodations by sport? Fishing, surfing or spa"ing" Anyone?

So, I dug a little further and discovered that:


Beach Holidays Rank First

In a survey by Statista, one of the world's largest statistics portals, employees from selected countries around the world were asked the question: If you could take a holiday to only one place, what kind of a holiday would you prefer?

Beach holidays beat out any other type of trip by a long-shot with 38% of respondents choosing the beach as their #1 preferred type of holiday over city, outdoor adventure, romantic, gambling and other choices. This made me realize that I might not be the only one frustrated with the online travel search experience.


But I wanted more:

I wanted to get offers from these properties, without getting bombarded by emails.

I was tired of daily emails from group promotion companies sending me offers for places I would never visit. I didn't like the concept of buying a "deal" immediately that I might never get the chance to use.

Also, there were several hotels I wanted to try out, but I didn't want to have to sign-up for a separate email at a property until I was their loyal customer. 

I also knew that despite the internet industry tendency to bombard travelers with deal emails, there are ways (in this day and age, believe it or not) to allow people to chose what they want to receive based on their interests, so I created The Beach Club for beach travelers.


The (FREE) Beach Club

I had already been running Waterfront West (a real estate website) successfully for several years and knew I had the building blocks & team necessary to start an accommodations site, so I "took the plunge" so to say, and Simply Beachfront, a travel website dedicated exclusively to waterfront accommodations was born.  

For now, we are just B.C. focused, home grown, organic and non-GMO, but we hope to expand to other provinces and countries in the near future.

I hope you enjoy it and please share if you like us! 


 Beach (beech) Noun.

An expanse of sand or pebbles along a shore.

The part of the shore of an ocean, sea, large river, lake, etc., washed by the tide or waves.

The area adjacent to the shore: We're vacationing at the beach.



When we first came up with the concept of Simply Beachfront, our goal was to help travelers find beachfront accommodations easily; however, we realized that our vistors would also want to find waterfront hotels in big cities and other areas where typical "beaches" are not accesible (for example, seawall settings enjoyed by city based waterfront properties, properties that may be set on a craggy high bank waterfront cliff, or in a marina setting).

Rather than exclude these types of waterfront properties from our site, we have added another layer of "beach" description. This allows you to quickly find the waterfront properties in large centres and places where the typical beach might not be available, while still clarifying the type of waterfront setting you will enjoy.

So, be it sitting with a coffee on the seawall in Vancouver, enjoying a spectaular view from a high bank waterfront bluff or lounging with a margarita on a sandy beach it's now simple to find your perfect waterfront getaway.          


  Online Booking via Expedia.®

 Books Direct With our Independent Providers. 



1. Reserve on Simply Beachfront.

You can search our site and book online via any of our partner properties at Expedia® Affiliate Network. Prices and sales for these properties come directly from EAN and are handled exclusively by their team.

You get their low price guarantee and sales offered by EAN. You can also book by phone through Expedia® customer service by calling the phone numbers provided on each partner hotel page and using code provided.

expediaYou can find our EAN hotels by looking for the "Book Now" button or finding the little blue circle.

If you like what we're doing, please support our service by using our site. When calling Expedia® to make your reservation, please remember to mention the promo code 418524! 


2.  Book Direct with one of our Independently Listed Properties. 

Surf our site for independent beachfront hotels, B&Bs and more.  In addition to our EAN properties, we have selected a load of other fantastic beachfront accommodation providers. Many of these properties offer exclusive deals and perks to members of our Beach Club. You can sign-up to receive notifications of our exclusive Beach Club deals via email. Then, when surfing our site for your next trip,  simply login to get the coupon codes and use our contact form or call the property direct with the coupon code to get the deal and book your beach vacation.


Join the Beach Club for Exclusive Deals at our Independent Properties- It's Free!

Don't want to sign up for the club? No worries!

You can still book all of the Expedia properties on our site and get their fabulous sales or contact our independent providers direct to book your vacation.


All prices on our site are in CAD.





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DEALS for Beach Club Members

We are currently in the process of planning some great new deals for our fans and members. Sign-up to our Beach Club to get the alerts.

Current Deals for Our Beach Club Members

We are currently in the process of planning some great new deals for our fans and members. Sign-up to our Beach Club to get the alerts.

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