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We send out our Exclusive Offers to our members as soon as they are posted so that you have first dibs on them. Exclusive Offers are set to a limited number and are special deals specifically created for our members by our accommodation providers, so the sooner you know about them, the better chance you have of snapping them up.


Travel Perks are not usually limited in number, so rather than bombarding you every time we post a new Perk, we send out a quarterly Perk Update to keep you informed. If you want to keep up on the Perks as they are posted, we post them all on social media, but you must be a Beach Club Member to get the coupon codes.


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About the Beach Club

When you are browsing our site, you can take advantage of all the sales offered through our partners at Expedia (EAN) by booking directly online; however, we also have many independent beachfront accommodation providers listed on Simply Beachfront.

We wanted a way for our visitors to get deals and perks at these places as well, so we created The Beach Club.  Now you can get alerts, special travel deals and perks at more of the fabulous places listed on Simply Beachfront.



Because we too are travel fanatics, we have signed-up for numerous "deal" notifications on other sites in the past. The problem is that we end up getting deals for places we are never going to visit, articles we are not interested in and places we have already traveled.

We don't want to be "that guy," so when we created The Beach Club, we wanted to make it really easy for you to set and change your preferences so that you just get what you want.

After you sign-up, you can refine your regions or areas of interest. That way, you can get targeted offer alerts for the places you want to go on your next trip! If you want to get the stories, you can subscribe for those separately once you are a member. We know this requires a little more legwork on your part (thank you), but we hope you understand that it's because we are trying to avoid overwhelming you with information. That way, when you do get something from us, it will be of interest to you.

If you won't be returning to B.C. immediately after your trip you can put your subscription on ice for a while and just get notified when we open up new countries, provinces and states. 

As always, we value your privacy. 



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We are currently in the process of planning some great new deals for our fans and members. Sign-up to our Beach Club to get the alerts.

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We are currently in the process of planning some great new deals for our fans and members. Sign-up to our Beach Club to get the alerts.

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We are currently in the process of planning some great new deals for our fans and members. Sign-up to our Beach Club to get the alerts.

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