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          Why simply beachfront?

 Beach Holidays Rank First

In a survey by Statista, one of the world's largest statistics portals, employees from countries around the world were asked the question below:

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If you could take a holiday to only one place, what kind of a holiday would you prefer?

Beach holidays beat out any other type of trip by a long-shot with 38% of respondents choosing the beach as their #1 preferred type of holiday over city, outdoor adventure, romantic, gambling and other choices.

If you are marketing a waterfront property or beach activity, you have a big advantage when it comes to attracting travelers, so why not flaunt it by advertising on a travel website dedicated exclusively to beachfront travel?


What is Simply Beachfront?


Simply Beachfront is a website dedicated exclusively to helping beach vacation planners find waterfront accommodations, beach based activities and beach information all in one place. As an advertiser on Simply Beachfront, you get direct access to a targeted audience of travelers looking for waterfront accommodations and water based activities including water sports rentals & lessons, whale watching tours, beach bars & restaurants and much more. Furthermore, our Beach Club gives you the ability to connect with and offer incentives to our growing list of beach travel enthusiasts.

Get access to our captive audience of beach travelers

by joining our exclusive group of waterfront accommodation and activity providers.


Simply Beachfront Benefits:

Whether travelers find your property by using our specialized waterfront search features, getting a deal alert from us or simply browsing our site, think of us as your beachfront marketing machine. 




Get the attention of a niche audience of travelers interested specifically in B.C. beach vacations. Your property or business will be featured amongst a select group of fine properties and beach based activitties and won't get lost in the shuffle of larger, less focused sites.


  • PROMOTE YOUR deals.

Increase your bookings by offering perks or deals to our growing list of Beach Club members. When you offer a perk or deal to our site visitors, you automatically get additional FREE exposure on our site for your business. Our Beach Club members get access to the coupon codes for your perks as soon as they sign-up on our site. After that, they can login in anytime to get the codes. You can also have us send out exclusive offers to our members commission free!



We provide specialized waterfront search terms and amenities, including the ability to separate lakefront, riverfront and oceanfront accommodations. Travelers also love the ability to read descriptions of the beachfront at each property and search by amenity or look for specific types of waterfront accommodations  (fishing resorts, spas, wedding venues, etc..). 

Our beach activities section is the place we list our member activity providers and our website visitors can search activity providers by category or location.


For a quick review of what we do, we invite you to watch our short video below:



Why did we create SIMPLY BEACHFRONT?

sharsm Sharleen Kneeland | Founder | Simply Beachfront.

Having been fortunate enough to spend the first few years of my life living on the water in Sidney, B.C., I developed a deep affinity for the smell of the salt air and the soft lilt of a sea breeze. As a teenager, I spent many happy summers at the lake, lying in the sun, listening to the waves lapping gently on the dock and the occasional flutter of dragonfly wings. I suppose that is why, as an adult, still saving for that ever elusive waterfront cabin, I have always preferred beach vacations above all else. 

IMG 1724

My dad ,"Grandpa Carl," and my son, Brennan, beachcombing in Sidney with the dogs, Bailey and Hally.

As the designated travel planner in our family, I was frustrated from spending hours on different websites trying to search for waterfront vacation rentals and hotels when I was planning our trips.


I was getting frustrated jumping around from site to site to find properties. One site for vacation rentals, another for big brand resorts, another for B&Bs. I thought: Wouldn't it be great if there was a site out there that would only show the waterfront properties and where I could search by all types of accommodations in one place?! 


I was exasperated with having to sort through hundreds of properties

and the endless jumble & confusion of navigating multiple large travel sites.


I wanted a more personalized, curated list of places to stay

with all of the accommodation & beach activity options in one place.

I was tired of misleading "Beach" hotel names for places that we really two blocks from the beach and I also wanted to know other details I couldn't seem to find, such as beach descriptions and swimming conditions. I wanted to be able to search properties that had beach activities such as surf equipment or boat rentals on site: Perks that only waterfront properties can offer.


I figured other people might like to search for their accommodations by sport (fishing, surfing, kayaking, etc...), by spa, or by event as well (waterfront wedding anyone?). 


Basically, I needed a go-to resource I could trust every time I wanted to book a beach trip.


IMG 1935

Lightbulb Moment: What if you could search for accommodations by sport? Fishing, surfing or spa"ing" Anyone?

But I wanted more:

I wanted to get offers from these properties and also beach activity providers, without getting bombarded by emails.

I was tired of being bombarded by group promotions from various companies sending me offers for places I would never visit. I didn't like the concept of buying a "deal" immediately that I might never get the chance to use.

There were several hotels I wanted to try out and thing I wanted to do, but I didn't want to have to sign-up for a separate email for each place.

I also knew that despite the internet industry tendency to overload travelers with deal emails, there are ways (in this day and age, believe it or not) to allow people to chose what they want to receive based on their interests, so I created The Beach Club for beach travelers.


The (Free) Beach Club.

I had already been running Waterfront West (a real estate website) successfully for several years and knew I had the building blocks & team necessary to start an accommodations and travel activity site, so I "took the plunge" so to say, and Simply Beachfront, a travel website dedicated exclusively to the beach was born.

For now, we are just B.C. focused, home grown, organic and non-GMO, but we hope to expand to other provinces and countries in the near future.

I hope you enjoy it and please share if you like us! 


Call us toll-free 866-799-9378.

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