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√ Increase Your Bookings & Revenues.

√ Drive More Traffic to Your Website.

 √ Get Your Offers Out to Beachfront Travel Enthusiasts.


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We offer plans for all types of accommodation providers, so whether you are a vacation rental owner, B&B host or the marketing manger of a large multi-unit property, we have an option for you.


Any B.C. waterfront accommodation provider can advertise direct with us. With a Beachfront Direct plan, you can add unlimited photos, advertise sales, link to your website and communicate directly with travelers who want to book your property. Beachfront Direct advertisers can also take advantage of enhanced promotion to our Beach Club members via our Perk Provider Program and Deal Marketing options.


If your property is already listed with Expedia®, you can request to have your property connected to our site with our Expedia® Connect Service. Expedia® pays us a small percent of your agreed upon commissions, so it does not cost you anything extra to have your property added to our site.



 1.   Beachfront Direct. 



Advertise for as little as $29/Month+GST



List your property on Simply Beachfront and advertise directly to travelers looking for B.C. waterfront accommodations. By default, search results are sorted by price and every property gets unlimited pictures. You can change your price and title at any time if you wish to advertise a sale. Travelers contact you by phone, via our anti-spam inquiry pages or by visiting your website to book their vacation. 


   √   Communicate directly with travelers interested in your beachfront accommodations.
   √   Access your ad 24/7 to change or edit anything.
   √   Take advantage of specialized beachfront categories (wedding venues, fishing resorts, etc..).
   √   Increase your exposure with our Perk Provider Program.
   √   Offer special deals (commission free!) to members of our Beach Club.
   √   Includes all contact information including links to your site, social media and phone number.
   √   Advertise to a niche audience B.C. beachfront accommodation seekers for a set price.

        BONUS:  no commissions!  Travelers contact you to book.



For our Beachfront Direct advertisers, we also provide the option of sending your exclusive offers direct to our Beach Club members. We write a story about your deal, feature it on our blog and send it out our Beach Club members who vote for the favourite deals. Best of all, Simply Beachfront deal marketing is commission free!                    


Click Here for Beachfront Direct Plans & Pricing.

2.   Expedia Connect.


Connect Your Expedia  Property for Free.

Our partnership with EAN (Expedia® Affiliate Network) allows us to give our site visitors access to a wide array of accommodations by accessing Expedia® hotel inventory and providing the online booking ability desired by many travelers.


You can request to have your property connected to our site with our Expedia® Connect Service. It does not cost you anything extra to have your property added to our site.

Sales that you offer via EAN are promoted on Simply Beachfront with a highlighted title to increase bookings and exposure! Expedia® members who prefer not to take to take advantage of our booking service, can choose to advertise with a Beachfront Direct plan. 


   √   Connect your Expedia® property to our site free of charge.
   √   EAN's website and phone support team handle bookings from our site.
   √   EAN pays us a small percent of their commission.
   √  Your Expedia® commissions will not increase.
   √  Your Expedia®  specials are highlighted on our site to promote bookings.

      BONUS:  "Book" Call-to Action on all Expedia® properties


If you manage an Expedia® property that is already listed on our site, you can contact us about changing your current ad or advertising with one of our Beachfront Direct plans. Beachfront Direct plans give you control over your ad and allow you to take advantage of our perk and deal marketing options; however, they do not include the online booking ability on Simply Beachfront provided by the EAN network.


Your Expedia® property may already be listed on our site. Click here first to check!


Click Here to Connect Your Expedia Property.

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Beachfront Direct Plans & Pricing

Expedia® Connect Service

Advertising Questions? Call us toll-free 866-799-9378.




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